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08-13 2019 08-13
Will "smart rooms + artificial intelligence" become the standard for hotels in the next few years? "People have what they have and they have what they have," those who can use smart hotel (room) solutions will seize the opportunity in the market and form a unique competitive advantage. Therefore, it is a good time to look for the "MIJIDE" smart hotel solution.
08-07 2019 08-07
在物联网、云计算、大数据等新型信息技术快速发展的背景下,“智慧城市”、“智慧旅游”等概念相继被提出,并正成为世界发展的新趋势。 Bangwei technology tells you that in the future, hotels have come to you. Against the background of the rapid development of new information technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data, concepts such as "smart cities" and "smart tourism" have been proposed and are becoming New trends in world development. For the hospitality industry, the era of "smart hotels" that has followed the development of the era and has big data applications as its core has quietly arrived.
08-02 2019 08-02
邦威科技是一家专业做酒店客房控制系统的厂家,可以说是专为打造时尚科技个性的智慧酒店而生。 The strength of Meggitt's customer control proves that smart rooms are not a gimmick. Bangwei Technology is a professional manufacturer of hotel room control systems. It can be said that it is born to create smart hotels with stylish technology. Smart hotels are a popular development trend in the hotel industry today, but many people think they are rushing and are not optimistic about smart hotels. Xiaobian thinks that maybe he doesn't know enough about smart hotels, or maybe he has been deceived by any injuries he has suffered today. The smart hotel is a good proof of the intelligent era. Its appearance has caused all kinds of benefits to hotels and guests. It is definitely not a gimmick for hotel merchants in order to attract guests. It is a real experience. Bangwei Technology will explain it for everyone. the reason.
07-30 2019 07-30
Want to know the development trend of smart hotel locks in the next five years? 2018 is a year of rapid development of tourism. With the improvement of residents' consumption level, high-quality global tourism has become an irresistible trend of the times. The format has also transformed from extensive and inefficient to exquisite boutiques, including the home experience port. ——Renovation of hotel door locks.
07-26 2019 07-26
What kind of new experience does the combination of hotel and technology bring? In the context of the era of the development of artificial intelligence, the hotel industry is following the trend. Pick intelligent system is a wise move as a forward partner. What kind of new experience does the combination of hotel and technology bring?
07-23 2019 07-23
移动互联网模式的应用让我国诸多的智能硬件获得了更好的普及效果,特别是在一些家居用品的设计之中融入了智能终端的设计效果使其拥有了更好的功能设计。 What are the trends in hotel guest control systems? What are the applications of the mobile Internet model? Many intelligent hardware in China have achieved better popularization effects, especially in the design of some household items. Good functional design. With the development of hotel guest control system technology in recent years, it has also catered for the development of the hotel industry and has shown a wider variety of functions, and has subsequently adjusted and enriched the application aspects of functions. According to the analysis of hotel guest control today, Most of the systems show the following trends:
07-19 2019 07-19
一场完美的旅行,除了有诗意的风景、称心的伴侣,如果再有一家不仅可以刷脸入住、更可以逛街的智慧酒店,那简直就是锦上添花了。 A smart hotel will make traditional hotels more “temperature” a perfect trip in the future . In addition to poetic scenery and a companion, if there is another smart hotel that can not only brush your face, but also shopping, it will be the icing on the cake. .
07-16 2019 07-16
智慧酒店客房控制系统被专业人士称为“酒店智能化的一站式解决方案”,它可对各个功能分区进行智能化设置,根据不同的分区调整运行方案,使其更适应客人的活动需要以及酒店的管理需要,大限度的提高效率,下面小编为您介绍客房控制系统哪个产品好以及该种控制系统的四个功能模式。 Four functional modes of the smart hotel room control system The smart hotel room control system is known by professionals as a "one-stop intelligent hotel solution", which can intelligently set each functional partition and adjust the operation plan according to different partitions In order to make it more suitable for the needs of guests' activities and the needs of the hotel management, to improve efficiency to the greatest extent, the following editor will introduce you which product of the guest room control system is good and the four functional modes of the control system.
07-12 2019 07-12
客控系统自从被发明出来之后就赢得了酒店行业在内的多个行业的喜爱,的确这种综合性额度管理系统对这些机构的管理和服务而言都是很有帮助的。 What aspects of the guest control system manufacturers do in place? Since the invention of the guest control system, it has won the favor of many industries, including the hotel industry. Indeed, this comprehensive quota management system is the management and service of these institutions. Very helpful. Therefore, the current good brand of customer control system manufacturers is recommended to become a relatively popular demand in related forums. The editors below share some of the better points made by excellent manufacturers to help everyone better identify and find good service and first-class customer control. System manufacturer.
07-09 2019 07-09
中国酒店业蓬勃发展,与高科技的运用有着密不可分的关系,如酒店人脸识别系统、发票扫码枪、布草租赁&智能洗涤等。 Feel the black technology brought by the smart hotel. The Chinese hotel industry is booming, and it is inseparable from the use of high technology, such as hotel face recognition system, invoice scanning code gun, linen rental & smart washing.
07-03 2019 07-03
在酒店服务行业,很常见的一个问题就是同质化竞争。 How to cultivate hotel loyal customers-small value-added services will make your hotel stand out in the hotel service industry. A very common problem is homogeneous competition. Nowadays, large and small hotels are opened all over the country. If they provide the same products and services as other hotels, they will be easily eliminated by their better-made counterparts. After all, the tastes of consumers are unpredictable. What they need more is to give new light to the eyes. Technology is the first productivity. Smart hotels can make hotels stand out and provide customized room scenes.
07-02 2019 07-02
在这个智能的新时代,在我们的生活当中,已经出现了很多智能的黑科技,帮助我们的生活趋向更加便捷化和智慧化。 The humanized design of smart hotel solutions In this intelligent new era, many intelligent black technologies have emerged in our lives, helping our lives to become more convenient and intelligent. Smart homes, for example, allow us to control all the devices in the whole house with one hand, and switch electrical appliances at home with one touch. This is one of the benefits that smart home brings us.
06-27 2019 06-27
What kind of front desk should hotels have in the future? Self-service technology has been around for a long time. Airports, subway stations, and bus stations have been using self-service machines to shorten queue times and improve customer service. These technologies are entering the hotel in their own way, and each advancement will bring other inspirations or considerations to hoteliers. So can our hotel front desk also use self-service?
06-25 2019 06-25
全球化的年代,世界变得扁平,竞争是永恒不变的主旋律。 Why did hotels adopt intelligent guest room control systems? In an era of globalization, the world has become flat, and competition is the eternal theme. For hotel investors, the direction and benefits of investment, the hotel's international brand image, the hotel's design and taste, and hardware facilities must all be considered. Both high-end hotels and platinum five-star international hotels have higher requirements for the control equipment of the rooms: fully consider security precautions, energy conservation, informationization, network monitoring, improve service quality, promote hotel economy, and so on. Intelligent hotels are needed for the future development and efficient management of commercial buildings. Intelligence is the foundation. Saving resources, efficient management, and labor costs are the goals of the hotel's intelligent guest room control system.
06-12 2019 06-12
从酒店的角度来看待安装酒店控制系统的好处不仅仅是能够为客户带来优质住宿体验,也是因为该系统在安装以及投入使用之后能够在一定的程度上为酒店降低运营的成本,尤其是在酒店工作人员的成本方面。 How Hotel Control System Reduces Hotel Operation Costs From the perspective of a hotel, the benefits of installing a hotel control system are not only to provide customers with a high-quality accommodation experience, but also because the system can provide hotels to a certain extent after installation and operation Reduce operating costs, especially in terms of hotel staff costs. The following explains how hotel control systems can reduce hotel operating costs.
06-07 2019 06-07
一场完美的旅行,除了有诗意的风景、称心的伴侣,如果再有一家既可以刷脸入住、又可以享受尊贵服务的智慧酒店,那简直就是锦上添花了。 Mijide: Let the smart hotel add a perfect trip to your trip. In addition to poetic scenery and a companion, if there is another smart hotel that can not only brush your face and enjoy the distinguished service, it is simply icing on the cake. Already.
06-03 2019 06-03
近些年来,随着旅游业态的蓬勃发展,商务酒店如雨后春笋般兴起。 Bangwei Technology: The tourism industry has developed rapidly, and digital hotels have become popular. In recent years, with the booming tourism industry, business hotels have sprung up. Relying on cloud computing, mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things, the "hotels" that once met the basic needs of residents have also been transformed into intelligent ones that focus on improving the guest experience, expanding hotel service equipment, and improving hotel management efficiency. The hotel.
05-27 2019 05-27
随着社会的发展,人们的生活水平越来越高,生活节奏也越来越快,随之而来精神上的疲劳感也越来越重。 With the development of the society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the mental fatigue is getting heavier. Travel and vacation have become a way for people to regulate themselves, and they have brought more visitors to the hotel industry. A large amount of social capital has begun to flood into the homestay industry, but often the homogenization is serious and can only rely on prices to win more customers. The profit margin is getting lower and lower, related practitioners often protect their profits by reducing operating costs, and the consequence is that the customer experience is getting worse and worse, and the homestay industry is caught in this inexplicable vicious circle.
05-22 2019 05-22
随着越来越多的酒店选择引入新型的系统技术,来完成酒店的实际服务资源与客户的对接。 What are the functions of the hotel's intelligent control system? As more and more hotels choose to introduce new system technologies to complete the connection between the actual service resources of the hotel and the customers. The hotel's intelligent control system is also in the hands of the actual decision makers of the hotel. It carries an important role in the transmission of hotel culture. The simplicity and efficiency of the system are in line with customers 'perception of the hotel, and further subtly guide the reshaping of customers' hotel selection habits. So what are the functions of the hotel intelligent control system?
05-20 2019 05-20
How does "mijide" increase your hotel occupancy rate? For the hotel industry, we must pay attention to the occupancy rate. Through a series of marketing methods, we can ensure that the hotel has an occupancy rate that is sufficient to reach the break-even point. At that time, the total room revenue will at least meet the basic requirement of recovering fixed costs. The level in the industry is usually between 70-80%. Increasing occupancy, another issue that cannot be avoided is price. For hotel management, it is possible to influence occupancy by controlling prices, and of course it is more important to provide guests with differentiated value.
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